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Kennedysoft lnc.

Collaboration and innovation define us at Kennedysoft, as we believe in co-creating success with businesses through the transformative force of work. As a distinguished global work solutions company, with strong roots in the U.S.... See More

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Through our rigorous screening, we ensure introduction of quality candidates, supported by established skills and experience, perfectly suited to fulfill your hiring prerequisites.


Innovation is our driving force, utilizing new technology and methods to provide advanced solutions to both clients and candidates.

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Benefit from our vast network, covering diverse industries and profiles. Providing you with a wide array of top candidates / companies matching your needs.

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Tailored solutions, including RPO, hourly hiring, professional recruitment, and digital-centric approaches, all adapting to your unique needs for successful outcomes.

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633 E Fernhurest Dr, Suite 1302 Katy,Texas,77450.

9 Bridge St, Building C, Metuchen New Jersey 08840.

+1 (713)-568-4545

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your staffing agency operate?

Our staffing agency functions by linking skilled individuals with prominent companies across diverse industries. We source, evaluate, and align candidates with specific job openings, ensuring an optimal match for all parties involved.

Which job roles do you specialize in?

We specialize in a broad spectrum of roles, including permanent, temporary, and executive positions. Our expertise spans fields such as IT, healthcare, finance, engineering, and more.

How can I submit my resume or apply for a job?

You can submit your resume via our website or directly apply to listed job opportunities. Our team reviews your credentials and will contact you if there's a potential fit.

Are there any charges for candidates utilizing your services?

No, there are no charges for candidates using our services. We're dedicated to helping job seekers find suitable opportunities, and our fees are covered by hiring companies.

How does your agency source candidates for job openings?

We employ a blend of methods, leveraging our expansive candidate database, networking, referrals, job boards, and social media platforms to discover the most fitting candidates.

How do you guarantee candidate quality and appropriateness?

We conduct comprehensive screenings, interviews, and skill assessments to gauge candidate qualifications, experience, and compatibility with potential employers.

How can I get in touch with your agency for more details?

For more information or queries, you can contact us via phone, email, or by completing the contact form on our website."

Reach Us At

+1 (713)-568-4545

633 E Fernhurest Dr, Suite 1302 Katy,Texas,77450.

9 Bridge St, Building C, Metuchen New Jersey 08840.

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