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Product Engineering

Kennedy Soft has a template based approach to implement processes in rapid product life cycles. Innovations like Solution Blueprint help in improving productivity, creating value and leading to a model driven approach to software product engineering services. Kennedy Soft during its long experience in providing software product engineering services has worked closely with Independent Software Vendors. With development experience in multiple products and components ranging from back end retailing solution, story creation product, middleware components and drivers for database, Kennedy Soft also has implementation experience in creating a language independent - platform independent - database independent programming library for its customers. With product development life cycle being highly changeable and time to market increasingly becoming shorter, mechanisms like agile development and the iterative models are essential component in software product engineering services at Kennedy Soft. This learning has also led to advanced services around technology refresh and on-demand models (SaaS).

Kennedy Soft Methodology

  • Focus on making the design simple and using process & tools to reduce risks
  • Review or reflection meetings after every-iteration
  • Defect tracking
  • Log estimates and track progress against the Iteration goals/plan
  • Create SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Boxed

Kennedy Soft Best Practices

  • Continuous status monitoring including test results
  • Charting and comparing story points completed with respect to time against requirements
  • Productivity was computed in terms of number of features/ stories/ cases team delivered
  • Pending items were reprioritized depending on remaining work and time available
  • Complete transparency and joint governance

Kennedy Soft Value Proposition

  • Iterative development approach allowing for early identification of risk and better control on change management
  • Flexible, scalable and configurable architecture
  • Tie ups with technology majors and partnerships with academic institutes
  • Expertise in language skills and internationalization/localization

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