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Oil and Gas

By sheer nature of the products dealt with by this industry, the industry shows wide-scale variations in business requirements in upstream, midstream and downstream segments. Some of the top challenges the industry faces include:

  • Enterprise manufacturing solution specially designed for process industry
  • Price volatility leading to extreme pressures on profitability
  • Stringent norms for compliance to environmental, health, safety and securities regulations
  • Collaboration with trading partners
  • Optimal utilization of assets in proactive manner
  • Managing engineering change process
  • Control projects to meet delivery targets
  • Integration with diverse sources of exploration information to manage risks
  • Manage oil well profitability and lifecycle
  • Manage complex plant turnarounds and maximize profitability

Reaching new levels of business efficiency
The oil and gas industry is responsible for a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology for finding and producing petroleum reserves. Yet back-office processes typically operate on more mature systems. Kennedy Soft combines end-to-end IT services, industry-proven oil and gas solutions and upstream expertise to help organizations create agile and cost-effective infrastructures that reduce costs and reach new levels of efficiency. Through an accountable and flexible approach, Kennedy Soft also manages back-office functions on oil and gas client's behalf, allowing organizations to fully focus on reaching new frontiers.

Kennedy Soft Expertise
Kennedy Soft has been reckoned as a Global Systems integrator providing practical ERP solutions by exploiting the latest technologies to prepare our "Real Estate & Infrastructure Clients" for the future.

Kennedy Soft's Experience and expertise

  • Vast pool of professionals providing solutions and services to the Oil & Gas industry
  • Industry-proven solutions in production accounting, financial accounting, production management, land administration and marketing
  • Specialized services for royalty trusts to help synchronize the vital processes related to land management, production, marketing and financial accounting
  • Environmental solutions in employee health and safety, product stewardship, incident management and regulatory compliance, including REACH

Kennedy Soft has domain and sub-domain specific professionals who can bring measurable value in the following areas:

  • Robust product footprint providing functionalities for upstream, midstream and downstream Oil & Gas
  • Powerful project costing and project accounting solution to manage complex projects
  • World class HCM and knowledge management tools for every layer of workmen
  • Flexible services procurement wit robust collaboration and sourcing capabilities
  • Condition based maintenance for transforming reactive maintenance strategies to proactive strategies
  • Zero latency, real- time collaboration for advanced planning solutions enabling planning for all horizons
  • Functionalities for modelling and managing complex process flows in manufacturing

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