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Enterprise Architecture

At Kennedy Soft, we know business architecture is a critical component to the overall enterprise architecture.

Kennedy Soft Business Architects extensive, have hands on experience designing and creating the architectural organization of business, and the best practices documentation required to define and support that architectural organization. We also understand the significant architectural aspects of business analysis on which a Business Architect should focus which is where the Business Architecture and Analysis converge.

Business Architecture
Kennedy Soft consultant's role of Business Architect requires knowledge and skills that are both broad and deep. To be effective, Kennedy Soft ensures that our consultants have experience on multiple Hardware and Software Environments and are comfortable with providing solutions for complex heterogeneous systems environments. Our Business Architects often are highly seasoned senior technocrats who have led multiple projects through the Software development process or Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and have usually performed in a variety of different roles in that life cycle. The Kennedy Soft's consultant is expected to have an ability to share and communicate ideas both verbally and in writing to executive staff, business sponsors, and technical resources in clear concise language that is the parlance of each group.

Business Analyst
Kennedy Soft Business Analyst plays a highly specialized position tackling variety of challenges and responsibilities. Our Business Analyst's main responsibility is to ensure the operational efficacy and excellence of an organization. The business analyst designs and documents work flow, manages and provides solutions to new business unit ideas, trends, and concepts appropriately through the latest technological paths. Working at a variety of industries he/she understands the customer's business requirements and business process management, and then translates them to process, policy, people or a particular software requirements.

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